Celebrating 20 years of music together,
Stripped are Daryl Ball, Aaron Blair, Ryan Ball and Alwyn Evans.  Stripped first showcased their sound on their debut '4 Walls EP' released in 1998. This achieved a top 10 placing in the 
local music charts. A track was also included on a BURBs compilation CD which led to live showcases sponsored by Yamaha UK.

Stripped's performances helped built up a reputation as an exciting live act and earned them a larger following and good airplay ensured their next release 'The Girl With Cartoon Eyes EP' was another critical and commercial success. 

In 2000 Stripped came to the attention of John O'Neill (The Undertones) who invited them to be featured on the first Energy Fields CD. Stripped recorded In Space (no one hears you scream) plus a music video and completed a short promotional tour.
Further releases followed on several popular compilation albums including 'The Blue and The Gray' (US only release), 'Audio Blast' (released in Italy) and three more BURBs compilations.

In 2003 Stripped played a few acoustic shows in New Zealand and in 2005 they featured on another new charity compilation album 'Unsigned Bands Unite' with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. In recent years the band have also been involved in separate projects however in April 2012 they released 'Out Of My Head' a retrospective compilation of their early recordings. This was followed in 2014 with the release of the popular EP 'My Fear Of Heights', showcasing a more mature sound for the band, including a cover of the Split Enz classic 'I Got You'  available both as digital download and limited edition CD. 

Meanwhile the band continue to have a loyal fan base and are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2017 with a revamped website, a range of band merchandise, live dates and an eagerly awaited 13 song album release 'Welcome To The Carnival' featuring 10 older favourites plus 3 new studio recordings. 

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